Supplying Of Building Materials In Bulkretails

We are supplying of building materials in bulk and retails. The materials we are supplying are as follows

1.cement,sand,treated timber.sawn timber of different sizes.

2. Imported sanitary appliances, floor tiles,wall tiles,roof tiles,paints of different types.

3. we are the bulk supplier of bitumen of different grades such as MC 50/7O AND OTHER MANY.

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We are expert in construction industry, in East Africa and worldwide at large, our head office located in Dar es salaam - TANZANIA . We cordially invite the investors to join hand with us.We also doing real estate works, by buying the land and develop it to houses and apartments , do not hesitate to engage our company for the said activities.You will not regret in working with us, we have professional Engineers, Surveyors,technicians and all alike.